Joe Kerschner

Joe Kerschner


Joe Kerschner is the President of American Water College and a professor for the Effective Utility Management certificate program in partnership with California State University, Fresno. He also serves as the Chairman of the Technical Training Department.

Joe has a diverse professional background that includes managing departments and programs in both the public and private sectors. His background includes six years of military service during which he served as an instructor at the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory where he taught reactor plan operations, radiological control procedures and radiochemistry to Navy personnel. Following his military service, he has worn many hats within the water and wastewater field including the position of Laboratory/Safety/Training Director of CH2MHill in their¬†contract operations department. In addition, he has held other supervisory positions as the Senior Chemist for the Central Coast Water Authority and Water Quality Supervisor at the Palmdale Water District in Southern California. Since 2006, he has served as President of American Water College where he has directed the creation of training programs designed to help professionals in the water and wastewater field achieve their career goals. Under his leadership, American Water College has grown into the leading online training provider to the water and wastewater industry with student enrollment spanning all 50 states. Joe has said, “Leadership in the area of workforce development is the key to taking a good organization and making it great. Joe earned his Juris Doctor degree from Oak Brook College of Law and Government Policy.


ID Event Name Duration Start Date
Wastewater Treatment Exam Review Grades 1-2 1 Days March 6, 2017
Wastewater Treatment Exam Review Grade 3 2 Days March 6, 2017
Distribution Exam Review 2 Days August 8, 2016
Distribution Exam Review Copy 2 Days August 8, 2016