American Water College (AWC) is a training organization, devoted to helping the professionals in the Water and Wastewater fields achieve their career goals. AWC was established by operators to help other operators get the training necessary to maintain certification as well as pass certification exams. All courses have been developed and reviewed by professionals with “real life” experience. This helps to ensure the information presented is relevant to the operator.

AWC was started with four objectives in mind:

1. To provide high quality training that is easy to understand and remember

2. To utilize innovative learning and training methods to help operators absorb and remember information required by certification exams

3. To provide a delivery method for classes that allows the maximum flexibility for the operator to continue his/her education

4. To meet the increasing need to train operators new to this field

AWC is a college without walls. The classroom is wherever you are. We make it easy for you to attend class by bringing the classroom to you, whenever it is convenient for you. We also have certification exam prep classes at various locations for those who prefer live interaction. The administrative office is located in Sacramento, California.

Our instructors are professionals from the Water and Wastewater fields that bring real-life experience to the classroom for an engaging training experience.

AWC issues certificates of completion for all completed courses. The CEUs are listed on these certificates. Each CEU is equivalent to 10 contact hours. Records are maintained for 5 years after completion and are made available to requesting state agencies. Each state agency has their own requirements as to which training is acceptable to them. Please check with your state agency for verification.

Student records are maintained in American Water College’s online Learning Management System. The student records database is backed up regularly by American Water College’s technology department and by American Water College’s contracted web host.

All students are required to demonstrate mastery of the course material by completing course assessment(s) with a score of 70% or greater.

Students are able to retrieve their own permanent record by logging into the online Learning Management System with their unique user id and password that was set up during the enrollment process. Once logged in, students are able to view their complete course history, and print and export reports and certificates relating to such history.

If a student contacts American Water College, by phone, email, USPS mail, or online support chat to request any personal information, such as certificates, course history and test scores, American Water College will respond to the request within five business days in the same form as the request was submitted.

American Water College will only release personal information to the student him or herself, or to an Authorized Representative. An Authorized Representative is defined as any agency, company, or person purchasing a course or class, or any other person whom the student has authorized in writing. American Water College does not release any personal information to any third party, other than as specified above.