Distribution System Exam Review - Grade 2

Distribution System Exam Review Grade 2

Course Syllabus

120 Days Online Access
2.9 CEUs - 29 Contact Hours

Pass your test the first time! No stress.  No worry. This course will prepare you to pass your second level distribution system operator exam with confidence.

There are 32 individual lesson modules included in this course.
Basic Water Math, Unit Conversions, Working with Formulas, Understanding Percentages, Calculating Area, Calculating Volume, Weight-Volume Relationships, Force-Pressure-Head, Velocity and Flow Rate, Pumps, The Metric System, Problem Solving, Flow Conversion Problems, System Design and Layout, Volume Problems, Flow Rate Problems, Distribution Piping, Water Storage, Fire Hydrants and Valves, Water Meters, Pumps and Motors, Cross-Connection Control, Disinfection, Distribution Disinfection Problems, Chemical Feed Problems, Corrosion Control, Water Quality, Distribution Laboratory Problems, Water Main Installation and Backfilling, Safety, Regulations, Instrumentation and Information and Technology, Hydraulics.

Completion Requirements

In order to receive IACET CEU credit for this course, you must complete the following:

1. Complete each individual lesson module by watching the video lecture, completing the lesson handout, and passing the lesson quiz. A score of 70% of higher is required to pass each quiz.

2. Complete and pass the practice certification exams (Test A and Test B).

3. Complete and pass the additional certification style math problems quiz.

4. Spend time reviewing the course flashcards.

Once you have completed all of these elements, your course completion certificate will be automatically placed into your learning account for printing/downloading. It will remain in your learning account even after your course access has expired.

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