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Distribution Exam Review Grade 1 and 2


This course is designed to prepare you for the lower level distribution operator certification exams. Designed to take you through the information you need to pass your certification exam, this course gives you enough information, without being an information overload.

Regardless of your background knowledge of distribution systems, this course will give you the information and confidence you need to pass your grade 1 or 2 distribution operator exam.

There are 29 different learning modules included in this course. Each module includes a video lecture, a printable lesson handout, and a quiz. See the many additional features of this course by clicking on the “features” tab below. Upon completion of this course you will receive a certificate for 2.9 CEUs (29 contact hours).

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There are 29 individual modules included in this course; each individual module is listed below.

Basic Water Math

  1. Unit Conversions
  2. Working with Formulas
  3. Understanding Percentages
  4. Calculating Area
  5. Calculating Volume
  6. Weight Volume Relationships
  7. Force-Pressure-Head
  8. Velocity and Flow Rate
  9. Pumps
  10. The Metric System
  11. Problem Solving

Distribution Math and System Review

  1. Flow Conversion Problems
  2. Source Water Review Pop-up text
  3. Volume Problems
  4. System Design and Layout Review
  5. Flow Rate Problems
  6. Force-Pressure-Head Review
  7. Water Wells Review
  8. Distribution Disinfection Problems
  9. Distribution Disinfection Review
  10. Safety Review
  11. Distribution Laboratory Problems
  12. Water Meters Review
  13. Pumps and Motors Review
  14. Piping Review
  15. Hydrants and Valves Review
  16. Cross-Connection Control Review
  17. Water Storage Review
  18. Water Quality Review

Features included in this course:

online water training

100% online distribution system course for your grade one or two certification exam

With American Water College online courses, you will receive instant access to your course after enrollment. The course is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during your enrollment period. The online course allows you to work through the material at your own pace, and spend additional time reviewing the topics you have trouble with. 

renew your water treatment operator certification with CEUs

2.9 CEUs (29 contact hours)

After the student has completed this course, a completion certificate will be instantly generated awarding 2.9 CEUs (equivalent to 29 contact hours or professional development hours)

water treatment videos 

Video lectures for each module

Each module has a video lecture. The instructor teaches through the material while you sit back and watch-listen-and learn.

ask an instructor your water operator certification exam questions 

Instructor to answer your course related questions.

Your questions are important to us. There are times when students need a math problems explained, or have a treatment related question that is not answered by the course material. Having access to a qualified course instructor to answer your questions is one of the benefits of completing an online course at American Water College.

water operator license math problems 

PDF files with hundreds of math problems.

Each math lesson module includes a printable PDF lesson handout. These handouts have hundreds of practice problems for students to work through. This will help students become comfortable completing water treatment math problems.

water treatment study guide flashcards

Online flashcards to help you memorize important facts.

The flashcards are available in two formats: a self directed format, as well as an auto play format which allows you to sit back and watch-listen-and learn. The self directed format allows the student to electronically flip through the flashcards.

review the water treatment process with audio lectures

Audio files of the system review lectures and flashcard facts are available for download to your mp3 player.

Download the audio files to your mp3 player or cell phone and listen to them on your commute, or while you are out in the field.

water treatment exam questions icon

4 distribution operator practice exams.

There are two practice exams for grade 1, and two for grade 2. Each grade 1 practice exam has 70 questions, and each grade 2 exam has 90 questions. The tests are automatically graded and complete feedback is given once a student successfully passes the exam.

water exam questions icon

Additional exam type practice math problems.

These additional math problems allow you additional practice for the math portion of your certification exam.

technical support icon

Access to technical support for any questions you have about your course access.

We won’t leave you hanging. If you have a question about how to access your course, download your lesson handouts, accessing your certificate, or any other aspect of the online course, you have access to knowledgeable technical support.

Technical Requirements for this course:

computer based training


This course may be completed on a Windows PC, a Mac, an iPad, or an Android device. No matter your device, this course will work for you!

internet training

High-speed internet access

This course utilizes video lectures. In order for the videos to load in a timely fashion, one of the following internet options is required: Basic DSL, satellite, cable or FIOS, etc. (Basically, anything faster than dial up internet!)

video lectures

HTML5 compliant Browser, or Flash Player browser plugin installed.

Basically, if you can watch youtube videos, you can watch the videos in our courses. Get Adobe Flash Player

pdf icon

PDF Document Viewer

Pre-installed on most computers. Get Adobe Reader

technical support icon

Access to technical support for any questions you have about your course access.

We won’t leave you hanging. If you have a question about how to access your course, download your lesson handouts, accessing your certificate, or any other aspect of the online course, you have access to knowledgeable technical support staff who can answer your questions.

In order to receive IACET CEU credit for this course, you must complete the following:

1. Complete each individual lesson module by watching the video lecture, completing the lesson handout, and passing the lesson quiz. A score of 70% of higher is required to pass each quiz. You must certify that you have completed each of these elements by clicking the "mark unit as complete" button in your course.

2. Complete and pass the practice certification exams (Test A and Test B).

3. Complete and pass the additional certification style math problems quiz.

4. Spend time reviewing the course flashcards.

Once you have completed all of these elements, your course completion certificate will be automatically placed into your learning account for printing/downloading. It will remain in your learning account even after your course access has expired.

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