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Are you preparing for an operator certification or licensing exam? Taking an exam prep course will give you the confidence you need going into your certification exam.

With grade level specific courses available for water treatment, distribution system, wastewater treatment and collection system operators, we have a course for your exam.

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Do you want to learn the #1 cause of certification exam failure and how you can be sure to avoid it?

Learn a simple test taking strategy that will tip the scale in your direction and help you significantly raise your score.

Learn a strategy to overcome “test anxiety” and breeze through your exam.

Are you looking to upgrade your license? We have 36 hour (3.6 CEUs) courses that qualify as specialized training in the states of California and Nevada for water treatment and distribution system operators. 

Remember, you have to have the course completed before the exam application deadline, so get started today! Need a specialized training course in a different state? Let us know.

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Looking for an explanation on how to solve a certification exam style math problem? Check out our YouTube channel to view solutions for over 25 different types of problems.

If you're scheduled to take a certification exam, check out our exam prep classes which cover all the math you'll need to know to pass your exam.

Today, the water and wastewater industry is more complex than ever before. As our industry changes, there is a strong need for effective leadership.

We've collaborated with the Public Utilities and Waterworks Management Institute to provide management and leadership training for today's industry professionals.

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Do you want to learn the top five reasons new managers and supervisors fail in their position?

This special report written by the the President of American Water College, Joe Kerschner reveals the five most common problems for managers and supervisors.

If you need to take continuing education to renew your operator certifiation, we're here to help! You can enroll at any time, and complete courses on your own schedule. Instantly receive your completion certificate once you've completed the course.


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Eurofins Eaton Analytical, the leading U.S. water testing laboratory, has joined forces with American Water College to provide no-cost online UCMR3 sampler training that is eligible for continuing education credit.*

This course is valid for .1 IACET CEU upon completion (1 contact hour). If you have any questions call our office at 661-874-1655.

*Check with your state agency to insure that they will accept this training for license renewal purposes.

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I feel confident that I will pass my Water Distribution Operator Grade III exam as a result of taking this course." - L. N.

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This course was full of information and I would recommend it to anyone interested in getting their operators license. I prefer this course over a book. I feel I have learned so much more from taking the course than reading books. I am way more prepared for my test. Thank you. - J. B.

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Your training focuses on actual exam subjects. - C. J.

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The five step method you use to solve math problems is easy to follow. The problems seem to work themselves out! - V. R.